Why Are We Still Using Ventilators?

by Brenda on

Our governor still referenced ventilators in his press conference. Many are. I don’t understand why, when multiple doctors have come out and said that the ventilators are not the answer? That this isn’t like a normal respiratory virus, this is more like elevation sickness or cyanide poisoning and they have hypoxic injury in their lungs. When you add high pressure through a ventilator to hypoxic injury, it is certain death with multi-organ failure. This is Dr. Sidell, straight out of New York, on the front lines, talking to Web MD. This was early April, over a month ago. How many lives could have been saved if this doctor (and so many others speaking out with the same information) were heard?

Also, 80% of patients in NY who were put on a ventilator died. Let’s remember that as we move forward…

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