When Did Asking Questions Become Unscientific?

For the last few days, I have been working on a post about 5G and COVID-19. I stayed up late nights researching and gathered and analyzing a ton of readily available data. It started with a question. I didn’t have any theories that 5G caused or even added to COVID-19 cases or deaths. I read that other people believed in such theories, and I was simply curious to learn more. I’ve only scratched the surface with that first post–there is so much more to share. My post wasn’t an attempt to convince people one way or another–I don’t even know for certain what I believe about all of it. All I wanted to do was share the data. After posting, I faced quite a bit of backlash on social media, both on my Well Fed Homestead page and my own personal page. People posted memes, one after the other, claiming that I was stupid, or lacking a brain, or dense, or just plain crazy. Wow. I wasn’t prepared for that.

Asking Questions is the First Step in Science

Every scientific theory first begins with a question. “What if?” or “Could it be?” or “Why does ___?” If we don’t ask questions first, we will make zero progress in science. Think of the major scientific advances that you make use of in your life today: your computer, phone, light bulbs, electricity, etc. At some point, somebody had to ask a question, in order to end up with that technology. They probably looked crazy at first. Because, before electricity, who would believe it? And if someone told you about the iPhone back in 1995, wouldn’t you think they were a little crazy? The people who ask the questions and dare to wonder are actually the smart ones, guys.

Headline: You Don’t Appear More Scientific By Going Along with “Expert” Scientist Beliefs and Failing to Ask Your Own Questions

If Dr. Fauci said it, it must be true. If Bill Gates (guys, he’s NOT a scientist!) said it, we’ve got to believe it (because he’s rich?!). Heck, if an expert on CNN said it, it’s truth. Guys, this is what sheep do. They follow, don’t ask questions, and while they don’t look smart, at least they fit in. I have never been okay with following the crowd just because an “authority” says to do so. There are people who have the ability to simply trust. AT&T says that 5G is safe–then it must be. The county says our water is safe with chemically created fluoride added–it must be. These people live such simple lives. They don’t spend hours researching like me. They just trust. Sometimes I want to be like them, I really do! I try. I do. But something in me has to know. I have to dig and make sure. I can’t just trust. I don’t tend to trust authority or what the crowd believes without doing my own research

Asking Questions That Go Against the “Norm” Do Not Make Me a Conspiracy Theorist

I can’t even count how many different opinions have come from doctors, scientists, politicians and news anchors regarding COVID-19. They’re all saying something different. Just because someone on CNN, or Fox News or the White House Briefing or a PhD holder says something is fact, it doesn’t mean I have to swallow it. No–I chew–I discern what is true and false and I do my own research. I find it super fascinating that the natural news writers I follow were writing this kind of headline several weeks ago:

What if Coronavirus is man-made and biological warfare?

They got their posts taken down from social media because they were asking such a question. It was just “accepted science” that COVID-19 was a natural pandemic. It was SO widely accepted, that even Facebook was regulating whether or not people could say otherwise, publicly. Did you guys see yesterday’s CNN headline?
Of course, they’re BEHIND, but now that CNN said it, it will be widely accepted. What was called Conspiracy Theory just two weeks ago is now accepted as truth, because CNN said it. Do you guys see the problem with this? We are not invited to become free thinkers! In fact, we’re shamed if we ask any questions.

I Don’t Want to Be a Sheep

Do we really all have to follow, like sheep, what the crowd believes, in order to avoid the name calling? I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Let’s be clear, as I said in my last post: I don’t believe that 5G technology has caused the Coronavirus. If I ask questions about whether 5G is healthy or if it happens to look like the majority of the death projections (in data used by the white house coronavirus task force) occur in 5G-laden areas, am I suddenly a conspiracy theorist? I’m not saying “I believe ___” or “You should all believe ___.” I’m saying, “Wow, guys, this is weird. Look at this data with me!” If we’re told 5G is perfectly safe, those who consider themselves to be more science-minded will agree–because that’s the norm. There is nothing scientific about following the herd to the slaughter. Not one bit!! I would argue (in writing), the thinker, the scientist, would stop and ask questions.

Conventional Wisdom is Not Scientific

Do you guys see that conventional wisdom is driven by capitalism? I’m not against capitalism, but we have to see the truth behind our “science.” Big pharma, the wealthiest industry in America, pays for so many of the medical studies we accept as truth. Kellog’s Cereal founders created the food pyramid that Americans still buy into. It’s just widely accepted as if it were fact. The people who question these norms are called conspiracy theorists. Or worse, the doctors who question this wisdom are called “quacks.”

We’re Being Lead Somewhere, Right Now…Are You Going to Follow?

Guys, something is going on. Please wake up! I’m begging all of you to see it. There has always been propaganda, and sadly, propaganda leads people (who have intelligent minds, endowed by their creator!) to do stupid things. There is propaganda today. There is capitalism driving what we are being told and what we all believe as truth. Are you willing to ask questions, or will you be following, because it makes you appear smarter to go with the crowd?

I Will Not Stop Asking Questions

Fundamentally, I believe that asking questions makes me SMARTER. It may not make me more popular, but being SMART is more important to me than fitting in. I hope you will join me. Are you willing to ask questions, even though it makes you stand out?

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