The REAL Conspiracy Theories Right Now

Believing Jeffrey Epstein was alone in his evil sins and that no politicians or movie stars joined him on his plane to orgie island, where he brought under-aged girls for sex.

Believing that Google, Youtube and Facebook have peoples’ best interest in mind when they censor different science, experiences and opinions, and that this is nothing like the book burning of World War II.

Believing “Social Distancing” has real science behind it, when it was a high schooler’s science fair project in 2006 and has not been studied beyond this.

Believing the antibody tests show anything beneficial at all when they really just show exposure to ANY coronavirus ever in your lifetime.

Believing crowds gathering for one political party don’t spread the virus, but crowds gathering for another political party, or crowds gathering to worship God do spread the virus.

Believing that the vaccine will be just like other vaccines, when it is an RNA vaccine and has not been used on humans before.

Believing the Covid vaccine will be safe and effective after rushed safety and efficacy tests, and when the flu vaccine is neither safe OR effective. 

Believing that BLM does anything for black people or that it’s anything more than a decomcratic campaign fund (look where the donations go). 

Believing that it is Christ-like to support BLM when they want to dismantle the nuclear family and they support Planned Parenthood.

Believing the politicians when they say “science is increasingly showing that masks work,” when no such science can be found.

Believing Snopes to be a reliable “fact checking” source. 

Believing that people who opposed lockdowns really just wanted haircuts and McDonalds, when, in fact, most of these people were losing their businesses and their families were suffering in ways that no stimulus check or unemployment money could make up for.

Believing the death counts for Covid without realizing that family members are complaining all over the world about their loved ones being marked as “Covid” deaths when they were never even tested.

Believing the case counts for Covid when test results for one person are counted up to four times.

Believing hospitals were over-run with Covid patients, when most, across the country, have been empty and have suffered financially.

Believing that we don’t have enough testing available, when test booths across the country have been empty.

Believing that our “Total Cases” of Coronavirus prove that Trump failed us without considering cases divided by population and noticing that we do not actually have more cases than every other country.

Believing that Trump was a racist for shutting down trade and travel with China at the beginning of the pandemic, but that he also didn’t shut things down soon enough.

Believing Bill Gates so loves the world that he spends his billions to save us all from a virus with a low death rate out of the goodness of his heart and that whosoever believes in him will be rescued from this virus

Believing that we really have a change shortage going on and it’s going to go back to normal soon.

Believing China wants 5G installed all over our country so that we can download movies faster. 

Believing HCQ is deadly because one study that used WAY too high of doses and on people too far into the disease, funded by Bill Gates, showed that it was, when it has been used safely and effectively for decades.

Believing HCQ does not help coronavirus patients, when Fauci said it did in 2005 and thousands (maybe millions) of patients have recovered from COVID-19 because of this drug worldwide.

Believing that everything is going to get back to normal after government lockdowns and overreach.

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