A Civil War is Brewing

A civil war is brewing in our country. I see it on Twitter and Facebook and in the news. People who question vaccines, question the media and who (gasp!) support Trump are called horrible things. They are dehumanized. They are blamed for a virus spreading, the economic problems, and society’s problems as a whole.

People are saying that these humans ought to “Drink Bleach” and “Get Coronavirus and Die.”

I AM APPALLED TO SEE CHRISTIANS SPEAKING LIKE THIS! Dear Christians, please read Matthew 5:22!

Please remember, these people who have different beliefs than you ARE HUMAN.

This propaganda that was spread around during WWII is no different from what is in the news headlines and all over social media today. It is dehumanizing humans. It’s making you hate them. It’s making you want to stay away from them and blame everything wrong with your country on PEOPLE.

I just read “World War II” by Richard J. Maybury with my kids yesterday:
“A soldier usually cannot kill someone if he is conscious that the person is just like him–that the person has the same feelings, the same importance to his wife and children, mother and father. The enemy must be dehumanized, seen as a vicious beast deserving death, so the enemy is tagged with insulting names, such as”

Do you hate these people like the Germans hated the Jews? PLEASE think about what the media has TAUGHT you about these people vs. what you really know from conversations and close relationships.

I pray that you see the labeling of these people for what it is:

Call it out with me!!! This PROPAGANDA, like Hitlers, is dividing families, friendships, neighborhoods, cities and, in fact, a WHOLE COUNTRY.

The news in the US is owned by very few people. Please look it up. They have a message they want you to hear and believe as truth. Has it worked? Are you so angry you really do wish people would die?

I am praying for our country. Please, please, please pray with me.