Free Coronavirus Information From Our Vet

I got free COVID-19 information from our vet today. 😉 Dogs do have a coronavirus, but it’s so different from COVID-19, he said it’s like there are two family reunions of people with the same last name, but they have completely different lineages, but people think they’re the same…It’s like that. 😉

He was the first (or one of the first?) vets in the state to test a cat for COVID-19. All of these tests, across the country, had to be sent into a single lab in California, and shipped and labeled in particular ways. The lab said that they had tested 5,000 cats at that point and not one tested positive. He thought the news about a tiger having it was really about the tiger having a “coronavirus,” but it wasn’t COVID-19.

He thought we should have shut down all travel, quickly, and we would have stopped the virus from spreading. He might be right.

He was explaining that when it comes to viruses, *either* they spread easily *or* they are deadly, but we don’t find viruses that are both. It’s like a two sided scale, when one side goes up, the other goes down. So many biological processes work exactly like this. He said that Ebola, for example, is very deadly, but doesn’t spread well, because the host often dies before they spread it. He said COVID-19 spreads easily but is not super deadly. (As we can verify by the numbers).

He said they actually found COVID-19 in 2017, but classified it as not being dangerous. The current virus has morphed a bit, but is only 3% different from that virus they discovered in 2017.