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Don’t you hate the stressed out, crazy feeling during the whole month of December? Me too. A couple of years ago, I started thinking, there must be a way to spread out the Christmas tasks so that I’m working on them, bit-by-bit, throughout the year. But then there are other holidays and birthdays and vacations that need planning as well. The truth is, all.year.long, there are so many tasks that need to get done for the holidays our family celebrates and the vacations we take. At first, I created this calendar only for holidays. I updated improved it this year, so that it would include some basic vacations.

Truth be told, when it comes to most Labor Day and Memorial Day  weekends, we’ve been hanging out at home. The reason? I never thought far enough in advance to book us a place to stay. When it came close to the holiday weekend, all of the camping sites and hotels were booked. And.we.stayed.home. Boo. Not this year. This year I have my handy dandy Holiday and Vacation Calendar, and I’ll be prepared! Like my 14 year old Boy Scout! (Get it? Be prepared! Ha. I’m so funny. ;))

Basically, here’s what I did: I thought of all of the tasks that need to be done to prepare for each holiday. I want holidays to be memorable for my kids. I want to go all out. I want to decorate the house, make cakes and treats, get out the china, iron the table cloths, and make the experience special. Is it critical that every holiday is like this? No. Will we still make memories if I didn’t iron the table cloths? Um, yes. I’m not going to let this stuff–this idealism–control me or my family. The last minute stress plus the idea of the perfect holiday (thank you Pinterest! Ha!) is not good for anyone–and definitely does not create great holiday memories.

That’s why I broke it all down into manageable to-do’s. I’ve taken all of those tasks and spread them out so that nearly every day of the year (except Sundays and most Saturdays), there are 1 or 2 things to do so that I can be successful in this area. Yay for success! For example, today’s tasks are to buy Valentine’s Day treats for my hubby and kids. Valentine’s Day is in 20 days, but most treats will last that long, right? Might as well do it early. I can do this by going to a store, or online, since I’m 20 days early. Yay for early!

Now, if I were just using this planner, honestly, I probably wouldn’t look at it every week and I’d miss a lot of tasks. That’s why I wrote all of these to-do’s, in green (my holiday color) in my Day Designer Planner that I look at every day. I don’t get everything done every day. Sometimes I decide a task isn’t all that important. Sometimes I check off a task the next day instead of the day I originally wrote it on. Oh well. It works. I’m still feeling successful.

I want to share my Holiday & Vacation Calendar so that you can feel successful too! It may not be what you need. It probably won’t be perfect for you (I’m already thinking of ways to tweak it for next year, myself 😉 ), but at least you can use it as a template & make one of your own.




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