Links from Sept 13-19, 2020

Fires on the West Coast

“We are reacting to a coordinated series of attempts to start fires anywhere and everywhere in Oregon. Public and Private lands, incorporated and unincorporated areas.

By all indications so far in the preliminary stages of these investigations there is a coordinated effort on the part of these individuals to start fires in areas that are the least protected and most vulnerable then slowing working their way into more populated areas and neighborhoods.

Please take this information as an advisory for you own account and welfare and please act in good faith with due diligence to plan accordingly for your own safety and the well being of your community.”

Arson arrests made across the west coast as fires rage on

Huge Dump of Articles and Videos Showing Arsonists to Blame – Not Climate Change – For Fires on the West Coast

Suspect Starts Six More Brush Fires

Clackamas County Commissioners Meeting (mentions arson and Antifa)

Armed Oregon Woman Finds Arsonists on Her Property So, did this woman stop climate change?

Cashless Society

Mastercard is launching a digital currency platform.…/mastercard-launches-cbdc…

Mastercard is also a partner of Bill Gates’ vaccine organization, Gavi.…/funding/donor-profiles/mastercard

Where are they testing this? Africa. Always, testing new experiments on the vulnerable ones. It appears to be BG’s favorite place to treat people like guinea pigs and use untested vaccines. Now this. Ugh.


Federal Court Holds “Stay-at-Home” Orders and Mandatory Business Closures Unconstitutional

America & Socialism

Refugees from socialist countries warn Americans: Don’t let it happen here


What’s the difference between a pandemic, an epidemic and an outbreak?

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