Kids have allergies? I blame Wonder Bread. And Twinkies. And Fruit Snacks.

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If you’re a parent of 2 or more children, I am guessing that at least one of your children has allergies. Or asthma? Your kids have asthma, don’t they? Or at least, you know someone (or a lot of people) whose kids have allergies. I’m right, right? 🙂

I was dining out with 2 of my friends recently, and we were talking about our kids’ allergies. 2 out of 3 of us have kids with allergies. One of my friends has kids who do not have any allergies. I have a theory about why this happens, so I asked my friends the following question:

“What did you eat as a child? Were you allowed to eat processed junk food?”

The answers?

Friend 1 (who has kids with no food allergies): Pretty much everything homemade. Lots of veggies. Worst food she ate? Spam. Have you looked at the ingredients of Spam? It’s 90% pork shoulder, then ham, then salt, then a little sugar & sodium nitrate. I don’t like the last 2 ingredients, but it’s mostly decent stuff. I personally don’t want to eat it ;), but in the way of “processed foods,” this villainized food really isn’t a villain.

Friend 2 (who has kids with food allergies): Consumed junk food and processed foods as a kid.

Me (who has kids with food allergies): Our pantry was stocked with Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Fruit Roll Ups, Doritos and candy. Rice-a-Roni and Top Ramen were regular side dishes. I seriously didn’t “get” why my friends’ parents restricted their consumption of sugar cereals–I could eat it freely, and I did. Often times, I had 8 bowls full at one sitting!

So what’s my theory?

I believe that feeding processed food to a child will negatively impact the health of their future children.


(Or, their ability to reproduce…that’s another epidemic these days, but we can talk about that later!).

I don’t have statistics or studies to back up my theory. I think it is true, but that doesn’t make it true.

What did you eat as a child? Do your kids have allergies? Do you believe that the way you ate as a child has impacted your child’s health?

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