Joe Biden’s Face

I have seen people discussing Joe Biden being a double, a clone, an animatronic, or something of that sort. Personally, I feel like all of the options listed seem far-fetched and a little crazy. HOWEVER, my big caveat is, I know that our government has technology that is years (decades, maybe) beyond what we have ever seen. SO, maybe?!

If you’ve followed my writing very long, you know that I like to dig and find the truth. To find the truth in this situation, I spent far too many hours looking at Joe Biden’s face. I’m a little tired of it, frankly! 😉

My Conclusion

I am not an expert in facial recognition. However, I think Joe Biden got older, fluctuated in weight and he had some cosmetic surgery done. That’s my conclusion. As I watched video after video to clip screenshots of angles of his face, I felt like I was watching the same man. There are just a few exceptions:

  1. Look at the Right Side Profile pic from 2016 of Joe Biden in Israel. That is NOT Joe Biden. It can’t be! Either they sent a double or this photo was mislabeled on the internet.
  2. Left Side Profile Picture November 2020–that day he mixed up his granddaughters’ names and also thought that Beau was a senator. He is wearing a giant mask and sunglasses, and his forehead is a totally different shape. It’s suspicious.
  3. Left Side Profile August 2020. Either the date on this is way off or he was having a food reaction? I don’t know–his face looks more swollen and different than everything else from 2020.
  4. The July 2020 speech to the Muslim people was weird. Very, very weird. He barely moved his jaw. His eyes were incredibly squinty. You can see it in the sources below. Was he sick that day? What was going on?
  5. The November 2020 victory speech was the weirdest. His jaw moved in giant ways that it hadn’t moved in any other speech. Contrasting this to the speech to the Muslim people, it looks like an entirely different person. I’m not sure how that difference in jaw movement was possible. Maybe he had new dentures? His mouth movements were huge though, and I didn’t find any videos before 2020 where he moved his mouth in such a way to pronounce words. Very weird. BUT, maybe he was taught to use his mouth in a new way in order to be a better public speaker? Or…maybe his mouth moves differently because of the combination of plastic surgery and dentures? It makes him look more excited (possibly more youthful) and more passionate about his subjects. All of JB’s older speeches are very subdued and calm and his mouth movements are minimal. I think it’s important to note that he also ran out onto the stage. In the very next speech, a few days later, he walked out super slowly, like a frail old man.

Between 2017 and 2018, it appears that Joe Biden had some serious reconstructive surgery, changing his neck area, his chin, and the skin around his eyes.

God Loves Joe Biden

Even though I disagree with many of this man’s policies, I believe that God created Joe Biden in His image and sent His only son, Jesus Christ, to die for Joe Biden. After starting this project, I started feeling bad for him. Watching his eyes in the videos made me see a glimpse of the human that Joe Biden is, whom God carefully crafted. I would hate to have my pictures analyzed like this, for people to watch every facial movement and chin angle to see if I am a clone. 😉 Public life is a hard life, I imagine!

So, his face has changed over time–he weighed more some years. He used a chunk of his millions (from where? We still don’t know) to change how God had crafted his face. And then there are a few anomalies in some of the photos and videos…But for the most part, I think we’ve been seeing the same Joe Biden through the years. If a clone, or a body double, or some kind of robot is being used–WOW–whoever put it together is incredibly gifted, because they have done a super believable job!

Right Side Profile

Left Side Profile


Mouth Closed


What do you think?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this. Do you see obvious differences in these photos that can’t be explained by plastic surgery, aging, or weight differences?


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