Is a Watermarked Ballot Sting Operation Happening? Maybe Not.

I have seen several posts and videos about watermarked ballots. I researched to find out what was true, and this is every bit of information I have found so far. My personal opinion is that it seems fishy that a “Sting Operation” would be leaked to the public. This would put the whole operation at risk of failure, right? Unless it’s already done, and now it is okay to let the cat out of the bag? I don’t know how these things work, but it seems suspicious. Regardless, I would like to share what is being said and the proof I have found.

Here is a video, by Dr. Steve Pieczenick, explaining the plan. I wondered, who the heck is Dr. Steve Pieczenick? I took a PR & Speaking class and learned that one of the first things I should do when giving a speech, after an initial hook, is to introduce myself and my credentials. Why should the audience listen to me? Why should the audience listen to Dr. Steve Pieczenick? The video doesn’t give us that information.

Just looking through Wikipedia, you can see that he has an impressive educational and employment history (working under multiple presidents). I won’t go into those details for the sake of space and time–you can read them on Wikipedia, if you choose. Like many whistle-blowers, people who call out scandals, etc., Dr. Steve Pieczenick’s story (not to mention his relationship with Alex Jones) contains some controversy. I don’t necessarily blow him off because of that or consider all of his words false. Still, I wonder, and he didn’t share–who told him this information? Who gave him the right to release it, and why, now? Why not wait until a week after the election? Why not more official people?

Here is another video that has been shared. Where, though, did these people get this information? If I can’t find an actual official source, I am personally skeptical.

I have seen several Twitter and Facebook posts about this watermark, but these are all unverified so far. In sharing these, I am not saying these are true, I only want to show the claims. Here are some examples:

Again, I am still researching to find out, are these claims true? Where are the official sources? The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency confirms that some ballots do have watermarks:

You can find this graphic on the CISA website.

They do not clarify what kind of watermarks these are–are they invisible to the eye?

There was a patent for a security blockchain to ensure reliable voting, but it doesn’t seem like this watermark being mentioned is the same thing.

California does use a watermark, as outlined here.

The Washington Post had an article in October about DHS planning a large operation to secure US elections, but it is unclear if this article is referring to the watermarked ballot concept.

It wouldn’t be surprising if some things about this year’s voting methods changed, even drastically and secretly, from years past. In 2018, the chief of the Department of Homeland Security said that she wanted all 50 states to have verifiable ballots by the 2020 election. This seems reasonable, considering what a big impact an election has on our country and the world!

Also, a DHS cyber agency, (CISA) said that they would be using an open-source software tool called Arlo to audit ballots in the 2020 election. I haven’t been able to find any proof that this tool is specifically looking for a Watermark. “DHS said that the software “supports numerous types of post-election audits across various types of voting machines, including all major vendors.”” (Source) Still, that’s pretty vague information. Does it read watermarks or toss out ballots that don’t have a watermark?

Was the National Guard Deployed?

So, one of the big claims is that the National Guard has been deployed to twelve states to check the ballots. Is this true? We all know, we’ve seen in the news, that the National Guard has definitely been deployed to big cities in case of civil unrest if President Trump secures a second term. But, are they really in some cities to check the ballots? I researched. I will distinguish which cities/states the National Guard was deployed to and for what purpose under the headings below.

Cities and States Where the National Guard Has Been Deployed to Oversee Polling and/or Cybersecurity

DHS’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has led election infrastructure security efforts, bolstering support to states since 2016. On election day, CISA plans to have a virtual war room to aid information sharing between federal agencies, such as the FBI, tech companies, and state and local government officials.

For the National Guard, their efforts have also increased and have gained the attention of Congress. Sens. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) and John Cornyn (R-Texas) introduced a bill last month to clarify the National Guard’s support role in election system security.

The support extends beyond cyber protection, however. In addition to Tennessee’s plans, Nebraska guardsmen are being called in for election support for the first time.


It was specifically stated that the National Guard would not be at polling places in Texas, they would only be deployed in case of civil unrest and to protect national monuments. Texas was included is one of the twelve states that supposedly the National Guard was deployed to in order to check for the watermark.

Cities and States Where the National Guard Has Been Deployed In Case of Riots/Civil Unrest

Was the National Guard Deployed to Twelve Specific States to Check Ballots for a Watermark?

All of the twelve states mentioned in the information about the watermark did indeed have the National Guard called in, but not necessarily to check ballots. Six of the twelve states mentioned had the National Guard called in for cybersecurity: Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington.. Two of the twelve states had the National Guard called in for polling: Kentucky and Wisconsin. Three of the twelve states mentioned only called in the National Guard in case of civil unrest. I think this is important to note, that in Alabama, Arizona and Texas, the National Guard was not deployed in order to count ballots or check for watermarks. Or, at least, if that is what they were called for, nobody has reported it.

Paper Ballots that Could be Audited Were Requested

As early as August of 2019, DHS officials were asking for backup paper ballots.

“There’s a big recognition today that auditing is important, and to do a proper audit you need a piece of paper,” Kathy Rogers, Election Systems & Software senior vice president of government relations, told CNN.


The main reason for the push for paper ballots was to prevent foreign hacking into electronic systems.

The National Academics of Sciences Engineering Medicine has recommendations to “Secure the Vote,” including:

Ballot Printing: Where Did the Paper Come From and Who Did the Printing?

I found this:

When there is both an elected individual and a board or commission charged with elections, the division of duties varies. Rhode Island is one example of shared responsibilities. There, the secretary of state’s office is in charge of ballot design, layout and coding; sending out mail ballots; certifying candidates; and overseeing procurement for voting equipment. The state board of elections packages equipment, supplies and precinct tabulators and delivers them to each city/town before the election; troubleshoots technical issues on Election Day; and receives and tabulates statewide results.


Okay, so, in Rhode Island, the secretary of state designs the ballot and codes it and sends out mail in ballots. Where does the paper come from?

I found that the ballots were printed by several companies, including:

I’m sure there are other printing companies, as I can’t imagine four companies handled all of the printing for all fifty states. Still, I could not find anything about a watermark on ballots on any of these companies’ sites.

This flier from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission doesn’t mention anything about watermarks, either.

I think it’s important to note that IF there was a watermark or special paper for the election ballots, the printing companies would have known about it. One site reached out to Runbeck, and this is what they said:

Lead Stories reached out to Runbeck Election Services and spoke with the company president, Jeff Ellington, to understand the feasibility of such a plan. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Runbeck Election Services prints millions of ballots for customers in several states. Ellington said his company had been getting calls from concerned citizens who heard this rumor.

One of the main points he emphasized is that ballots are printed all the way down to the local level. Even two people who live right across the street from each other might have different ballots because of a difference in school district. In Los Angeles County for example, he said that there are 230,000 different potential ballot styles, representing all the districts and races as well as a number of different languages. He receives a file with the orders for the ballots which are printed individually. Without having those very specific files, it would be impossible for someone else to print the ballots of all the voters in all the local districts across the country.


Interesting statement, still, it isn’t clear where the paper came from. The ballots may be printed differently: but could DHS have controlled what paper every single printing facility used?

Money Spent on Election Security

In 2019, Congress allocated $425 million dollars for election security. (Source) This was the second batch of money allocated for the cause, and $700 billion (total) was expected in 2018. (Source)

Funding was provided to secure the U.S. elections, and as of January 2020, the following information was reported:


New: CSIA Denies Involvement in Any Watermark or Ballot Auditing:

It seems that if there was a watermark on the ballots, certainly the Department of Homeland Security’s cyber security operation, CISA, would be involved. This is their most recent statement:


Conclusion: Is a Secret Sting Operation Happening?

If the CISA was not involved, then who? I don’t feel like the evidence is lining up to prove this watermark theory true. The National Guard was not specifically only deployed to the twelve states mentioned, nor were they deployed specifically to combat voter fraud in all of those states. I believe that election security has definitely been ramped up, by both the Republican and Democrat parties (as it should be, election security should be a nonpartisan issue). It seems fishy to me that one man, or a few, who don’t currently work for the government, would specifically report to InfoWars, a conservative program. If there was a sting operation going on, why wouldn’t this be shared in a press briefing, by an official, to all Americans?

Sorry friends, I know many of you were hopeful that evil would be caught. Evil still may be caught–but I don’t think it will be through a watermark.

Final Caution: What If

I see a lot of posts from people who believe President Trump is going to “drain the swamp” and get all of the evil out of Washington and possibly Hollywood, too. They put a lot of hope in this one man to overcome a corrupt system on his own or with a team. While it is important to hope, I want to share a few of my thoughts:

  • I voted for Trump and I am hopeful he will combat the evil.
  • Donald Trump is just a man.
  • We don’t know for 100% certain that he is totally separate from the system. What if he was one of them? I hope he isn’t, but, what if? What if all of the love and/or hate for this man is all a game, set up for us, and we’re all falling into the trap? I wonder a lot…Can you tell?
  • What if Joe Biden wins this election, through fraud, and the fraud is never called out or caught?
  • What if Joe Biden wins this election fair and square?
  • Are you guys going to be okay? I hope so. I put my hope in Jesus Christ. I trust that God has this election and He has America. I am not afraid. I feel peace. I don’t feel anxious about checking election results 20x per day, worried that my future and my family’s future is at stake. I do believe things will change, even in major and unfavorable ways if Joe Biden wins, but I am not scared. My hope is in Jesus. I hope you can feel this kind of peace, too.

At the end of the day, the man God wants to be President of the United States will be the President, and I’m okay with that.

2 thoughts on “Is a Watermarked Ballot Sting Operation Happening? Maybe Not.

  1. Did god put hitler in charge for a reason? If your answer was no that was the devil, what if it is the devil putting the left in charge? People on the right just accept it and we get walked allover. Did the left give in after the last election? Nope.. we had to listen to them for 4 years making things up about our president. All I know is I will protect my family from evil and will not be blindsided by it.

  2. Where does the paper come from? That is what I wanted to know, too.

    If you look at the Runbeck Election Services video about their printing procedures for this election you will see the exact paper used. Its is 70# Accent Opaque Smooth, made by International Paper. Watermarks, in the traditional sense, are done while the paper is made. It is essentially a physical impression by a die to make the paper slightly thinner and denser so light passes through it differently than the surrounding paper.

    In my mind it would be easy for the papermaker to keep this secret than it would for the various printers around the country to keep it a secret. I can see a situation where there would be only a single paper maker. How specific did the The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency ge ton the type of paper?

    I see that Runbeck answered the media’s queries by addressing what the printer’s role is, but did not discuss the paper. So, I think it is still within the realm of possibility that a sting is underway.

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