Governor Ralph Northam’s 5/4/2020 Press Briefing

We moved from Oregon to Virginia in January 2020. We left Governor Kate Brown and ended up with Governor Ralph Northam. I am really not sure who is worse.Ā šŸ˜³

Governor Northam has used this time where residents are required to stay home to further his agenda:
-making abortion a high priority in VA’s healthcare
-making it legal to kill a baby if it is born after a failed abortion
-controlling guns
-legalizing the possession of marijuana

**Nobody voted on these laws!!!***

He also scheduled the state re-opening to happen the day after the Republican National Convention, or later. How convenient…

Today’s press briefing was less than reassuring. Northam has a three phase plan, and each plan will take at least three weeks. He says we MIGHT be able to start Phase One on May 15. Though, he also says that we need to see 14 days of less virus cases to make that happen, and he also JUST ramped up testing.

He may be trying to hold us in lockdown forever.Ā šŸ˜±

Best case scenario, Phase One will start May 15 and go through June 4.
Phase Two will go June 5-June 26
Phase 3 will go June 27-July 18!!!!

JULY 18.

That is BEST case. Worst case? Maybe Christmas, that’s my guess. Actually, worst case? I think he is waiting until the “silver bullet” he keeps mentioning, a v@x comes out. I don’t think he’s going to allow life back to normal until that happens…

He is going to TANK our economy!

A couple of things stood out to me in today’s press briefing:

***Northam said “Every life is important,” which was super hard to believe, given his recent murderous abortion laws.
***The state is hiring 1,000 contact tracers and doctors in VA are contact tracers as well.
***We shouldn’t be alarmed if we see the National Guard around, doing testing.

My question is, WHO ARE THEY TESTING? Photos on Twitter from all over Virginia show empty test sites. People aren’t showing up to get tested. Northam has increased testing–is he testing the healthy and asymptomatic people of Virginia? Is he bringing in the National Guard to do it?

**Why do we need more testing when people don’t show up to the test booths that are already in place?**

And, **How will positive test cases DECREASE when testing has just INCREASED?** He’s reminding me more everyday of Cinderella’s evil step-mother. “Yes, you may go to the ball and stop social distancing…But let me pile more restrictions on you….”

A few alarming words and phrases were used in this press briefing:
“put them in isolation”
“quarantine them”
and isolation was referred to as “public health intervention”

Northam’s slides from last week showed two distinctions between “isolation” and “self quarantine at home.” I know of one “isolation facility” that was already set up near us, and I wonder if there are more, and where? Who are they putting in these facilities? Because, today, the word “isolation” was used in reference to what they are going to do to people who were “in contact” with someone who tested positive.

Guys, this isolation does not sound voluntary or even like it will be in the home…

My extended family moved to a state that is already open, and after searching for jobs there, we landed in Virginia. Right now I’m wishing we were in an open state!Ā šŸ˜³

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