Discrimination Against the “Old White Guy”

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I am the mother of two black daughters and one hispanic son, so I am particularly sensitive to discrimination against people of color. I am also the mother of two white sons, who, someday, will be “Old White Guys,” and the wife of a man, who will, even sooner, be an “Old White Guy,” and daughter of a man who is already an “Old White Guy,” and I care about all of these people and refuse to watch them be discriminated against.

See, any time we make labels, make assumptions, knock people down and group them together because of their race, gender, demographics, place of origin, or physical features, we are discriminating.

Please let that sink in a moment. It is not ok that people assume that all young black women are “baby mamas,” and getting abortions left and right. It is not ok that people group together anyone who is of Mexican or South American origin and assume that they all work in fields and that they’re all illegal. AND, it is not ok that people are grouping together all “Old White Guys” and assuming that they are bigots, haters, and unable to change. In fact, this is a new form of racism.

Everybody is an individual!! Do you know any great black women? I do! They’re nothing like the stereotypes! Do you know anyone from South or Central America? Are they all  working in the fields? No! Even if we could say, statistically, the vast majority do “___,” we can’t say that all people who look a certain way or come from a particular place do that thing. We just can’t. I admit and agree fully that our country has been riddled with racism and discrimination against blacks throughout history and even today. It’s not ok! And,

fighting racism with racism isn’t going to make our country better!

Do you see how the discrimination has simply shifted? It’s not ok to be up in arms about one kind of discrimination (be it against blacks, women or whatever upsets you most) and then go on to say the phrase “Old White Guy,” as if it is different. There is no difference–this is the new discrimination.

Justifying “Old White Guy” discrimination by pointing out American history doesn’t make any difference. The “Old White Guys” of history aren’t here today–can we blame all white men for the sins of their forefathers? No! I am not justifying America’s horrible mistakes throughout history! I am simply stating, don’t look your old, white neighbor man and assume that he is the cause of the hate and injustice in the world just because of his color and age. How is this not discrimination?

My hispanic son is also part white–ancestry testing shows he is something like 60% white European. Will that make him an “Old White Guy” someday, or will that 40% of his genetics that adds pigment to his skin save him from this label? Do you see the craziness of grouping people by skin color–whether black, brown or white? “White” should not be a derogatory term, just like “black” shouldn’t be. Nobody should be judged for their color, or for what other people who look like them did 100 years ago, 40 years ago or even last week. It is a scary world, when people are grouped together and judged because of their looks–even the “Old White Guys.

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