Covid-19: What are Front Line Workers Saying?

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I will get angry e-mails and Facebook posts for this, no doubt. I want to be a voice of reason and research during this crazy time. Please read the full post before you judge, post angry comments or unlike this site forever.

Please remember Mark Twain’s warning,

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

I am concerned that far too many have been “fooled” by our current and powerful media. If this post makes you angry, I’m sorry to tell you, you have probably been fooled.

I Believe Covid-19 is Real

First, I want to start off by saying that I believe this virus is real and that it really can be deadly for some people. Where it came from is only speculation at this point. It could have come from bats, another animal, an accident from a lab, or biological warfare. The news has shared many different options, we could really choose to believe any, until the facts are hashed out.

The truth I have been attempting to uncover is:

  • Is this virus as deadly as we’re being told it is?
  • Should we all be staying home because of it?
  • And, is someone or some group or some country using this to gain control of the people in our country?

The last question may seem a little extreme. However, we live in Virginia, and our governor has used this crisis as an opportunity to pass all kinds of laws that nobody got to vote on. If people protest, they are breaking the law with a gathering of more than ten people. He has been sneaky! I do wonder what is going on behind the big smoke-screen. I do think, after all of my research, much of the media about the virus is a smoke-screen. So what else is going on?

The Narrative that the Media Wants Us to Believe

If you listen to the news, you are likely alarmed at the skyrocketing cases and deaths of Covid-19. If you look at the numbers shown on the screen, this disease looks scarier than anything we have ever faced before. If the numbers are true, of course, people would want to stay home, protect their loved ones and their elderly, fragile neighbors! The question some of us have been wondering, though, is are the numbers true?

I Asked Those on the Front Lines

I asked everybody I knew who worked in health care. How many cases were they seeing? Did they see any deaths? Is it as bad as the news portrays? I got information from: nurses in various departments, a respiratory therapist, a CNA and a firefighter. I have statistics from a large hospital in a decent-sized city and also a major hospital system that spreads across multiple pretty big cities in a particular geographic area. Want to know what I learned?

The large hospital in the decent-sized city (around 600,000 population):

  • The employee at this hospital has had their entire floor turned into a Covid-19 floor. It is mostly empty and employees are being sent home early.
  • There were 8 total Covid-19 patients in the hospital.
  • There have been 25 discharged patients from that hospital, total, (those who had Covid-19 and were able to heal and go home).
  • The hospital has seen 77 patients who tested positive for Covid-19 but were not sick enough to require hospitalization, out of the thousands of tests they have run.
  • 6 patients have passed away from Covid-19. I want to say, even though it is “only” 6, those 6 lives matter.

We are being told this disease is far more deadly than the flu, so dangerous that we need to stay in our homes, yet when you break it down, the reality at this big hospital in this decent-sized city is:

  • 6 out of 116 positive Covid-19 cases resulted in death, which means at this hospital, the disease has caused a .05% death rate of the people who were verified to be infected. Again, those lives are not insignificant, they matter! However, it is a much lower rate than what we are being led to believe in the media.
  • This is a major hospital in a city with approximately 600,000 people. If you divide 116 positive cases by 600,000 people, .0001% of the population has tested positive for Covid-19 at this hospital.
  • There are, of course, a couple of other hospitals in this city. Let’s say there are 3 major hospitals and they are all seeing the same numbers, so roughly 348 positive cases. This would mean that .0005% of the total population of the city tested positive. Note that people drive from many surrounding cities to these inner city hospitals, and if we added all of those populations, it would put the positive Covid-19 cases at an even lower percentage.
  • If you divide the deaths in the same way, calculating 18 deaths total across 3 major hospitals (since this hospital has only seen 6 and it is the largest of the three, 18 deaths may even be an inflated number. Still 18 deaths divided by 600,000 people in the population means .00003% of the total population of this city has died from Covid-19. Again, remember that many people drive to these hospitals from other nearby towns, and if we added the total populations, there would be less than a .00003% death rate.

The Major Hospital System in the Large Demographic Area

The area that this hospital system serves has a population of approximately 2.5 million people. Out of those 2.5 million, this hospital system serves approximately 40,000 people. My friend who works in this hospital system had some great quotes to share:

We are seeing really sick coronavirus patients and coronavirus patients that don’t need any support from us at all. Nothing in the middle, really sick or barely sick.

I wondered if the statistics from this hospital system would surpass the stats I got from my other friend, after hearing this. My friend sent me the statistics:

  • 4,093 patients were tested, and out of those, 372 were positive. This means .09% of patients who tested for coronavirus were positive within this hospital system.
  • There were 28 patients hospitalized across multiple hospitals and 69 total had been discharged. This means, .02% of patients who tested for coronavirus had to be hospitalized.
  • Between multiple hospitals in a large area with approximately 2.5 million people, there were 7 total deaths. Again, I do not want to undermine the deaths! These were real people, loved ones, who died, and I want to recognize that they are not just numbers.
  • If you divide 7 deaths by 4,093 patients tested, you learn that .001% of patients who thought they had coronavirus actually had it and died.
  • If you divide the 7 deaths by the 372 positive cases of the virus, .01% of positive Covid-19 cases ended in death.
  • If you divide the 7 deaths by the approximately 40,000 patients this hospital system serves, .0001% of the hospital system’s members have died from Covid-19.

One Friend is Seeing a Lack of Testing

One friend I spoke to is a nurse who works with older, vulnerable patients. They said:

Nobody I know has coronavirus even though there are a few I suspected. The criteria is so strict, they just don’t test.

This nurse has not known of anyone who died of Covid-19, though, they haven’t been testing through their company.

I think there is definitely a problem with inconsistency across the nation and between countries. This is part of what makes America so amazing–our president (any president, whether you love or hate them) isn’t a dictator. The state governors have some power over their individual states. So, testing is different and restrictions are different. I don’t know where else testing isn’t happening. I simply took a sampling from multiple friends, and this was one report.

All of my Other Friends are Seeing Empty Beds

One friend expressed thanks for the encouragement nurses are receiving because of this pandemic. They are getting meals to take home to their family and free crocs. This friend also mentioned that the hospital she works for is has many empty beds.

Another nurse-friend said:

The hospitals are not seeing the numbers they expected. The deaths they are seeing are really old facility patients who would have died from the flu.

Again, though, I want to emphasize, these are lives. Just because they would have died from the flu, it doesn’t mean their life was any less valuable. AND–we need to pay attention to how deadly this disease really is. The news is telling us that coronavirus has a mortality rate of 3 to 4%, but this isn’t what these large hospitals and hospital systems are seeing. They are seeing mortality rates of .01 to .05%.

California Doctors Are Also Seeing Low Numbers

You’ve likely seen the videos by Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi shared in a press conference in California. In case you missed it, here is a clip of some of the important information;

These doctors calculated that 12% of Californias tested positive for Covid-19 and that there was a 0.03% chance of dying from the virus in California.

Both doctors were brave to stand up and share the statistics they are seeing. It is verifiable information, too–it’s not “fake news.” You can research the very statistics they share. Yet, their video keeps being taken down from YouTube and social media channels. Why? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative that we are being told to believe: that Covid-19 is more deadly than the flu and will continue to kill thousands (or millions) of people if we don’t stay home.

What About New York?

We have been hearing about the large number of deaths in New York City. I am sad for the people of New York City & the great loss that they have faced!!

Seeing the news about the deaths and cases in New York City would naturally strike fear into anyone. We wonder if the rates of infection and death that New York City has faced could happen to any one of our cities. A friend who is a nurse used to work at some of these hospitals in NYC. The first thing this friend said about the NYC hospitals in the news is:

It’s amazing they keep their patients alive at all.


The hospitals that are on the news that are overrun–they are over-run on a good day. They are set up that way. They can’t function well on a regular day. A patient in the hall on a stretcher is normal any day in those hospitals.

One nurse practitioner spoke up for a friend, saying that the ventilators, on high pressure, used by nurses who have not been trained in using a ventilator, is what has caused so many deaths. I cannot verify this report, but you can see that video here. I don’t know anything about the site that her video is posted on. Only that this video has been removed, like the California doctor’s videos from other, mainstream channels. Again, it doesn’t fit the narrative that we are being taught to believe.

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, who has worked in the ICU and ER in New York, confirms that ventilators are not the answer for COVID-19 patients. I started following him on Twitter to get more up-to date information.

This Disease is Being Hyped Up

There is NO doubt that this disease is being hyped up and made to look like it is more prevalent than it is. We are being kept in our homes and businesses are failing over this hyped up news. People are depressed and dying due to social isolation. How much longer will we, the people, put up with this?

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