Covid-19 Vaccine Safety Timeline

by Brenda on

Whether you want the v@x or not, we should all be concerned about it’s *safety* especially since this type has never been used on humans before.

859 days of safety, efficacy and licensing (which also looks at safety & efficacy) are being shaved off in order to get this done quickly. Did you read that, though? 859 days that would usually be spent on making sure it’s actually safe and effective are being bypassed, ignored, skipped…

Safety….Efficacy…Is it ok for humans? Does it even work? These are super important pieces to the v@x approval process…

Would you drive a car that went through expedited crash testing?

This is a non-partisan issue. We all want to be *safe* right?

I used the diagram on Bill Gates’ Gates Notes site. I printed it, and measured in centimeters to figure out the scale of how many days per cm. The bottom chart (under 18 months) is not in the same scale as the top chart. The size of the bottom chart would be over 2 years if it was in the same scale. I don’t think that was an accident, to make it appear less alarming that this v@x will be administered to humans so quickly.

I believe we should all be concerned.

If this takes 18 months (and I believe they are pushing to have it take less time):

Safety & dose trial will happen in 62% of the time it usually takes.

Safety & Efficacy, 22%–TWENTY TWO PERCENT of the time it usually takes. You can’t skimp of safety!

Licensing–5% FIVE PERCENT of the time it usually takes.

There is one stage missing from this chart, and that is the Exploratory Stage that happens before Clinical Trials. Are they skipping over that, too?

Another thing to note is that this chart is misleading. It’s showing the timeline for a *normal* type of v@x. It does not mention that this is an RNA/DNA v@x and totally different from anything that has ever been used on a human. It has never been proven safe. Now they’re going to rush it through,

while shaving off 859 days EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY NINE DAYS of procedures that a normal v@x has to go through in order to make sure it is SAFE.

Here are the CDC pages I reference: here and here.

Note the “over 7 billion people quickly…” which is the entire world. Like everyone will be okay with that.

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