Free Coronavirus Information From Our Vet

I got free COVID-19 information from our vet today. 😉 Dogs do have a coronavirus, but it’s so different from COVID-19, he said it’s like there are two family reunions of people with the same last name, but they have completely different lineages, but people think they’re the same…It’s like that. 😉

He was the first (or one of the first?) vets in the state to test a cat for COVID-19. All of these tests, across the country, had to be sent into a single lab in California, and shipped and labeled in particular ways. The lab said that they had tested 5,000 cats at that point and not one tested positive. He thought the news about a tiger having it was really about the tiger having a “coronavirus,” but it wasn’t COVID-19.

He thought we should have shut down all travel, quickly, and we would have stopped the virus from spreading. He might be right.

He was explaining that when it comes to viruses, *either* they spread easily *or* they are deadly, but we don’t find viruses that are both. It’s like a two sided scale, when one side goes up, the other goes down. So many biological processes work exactly like this. He said that Ebola, for example, is very deadly, but doesn’t spread well, because the host often dies before they spread it. He said COVID-19 spreads easily but is not super deadly. (As we can verify by the numbers).

He said they actually found COVID-19 in 2017, but classified it as not being dangerous. The current virus has morphed a bit, but is only 3% different from that virus they discovered in 2017.

The REAL Conspiracy Theories Right Now

Believing Jeffrey Epstein was alone in his evil sins and that no politicians or movie stars joined him on his plane to orgie island, where he brought under-aged girls for sex.

Believing that Google, Youtube and Facebook have peoples’ best interest in mind when they censor different science, experiences and opinions, and that this is nothing like the book burning of World War II.

Believing “Social Distancing” has real science behind it, when it was a high schooler’s science fair project in 2006 and has not been studied beyond this.

Believing the antibody tests show anything beneficial at all when they really just show exposure to ANY coronavirus ever in your lifetime.

Believing crowds gathering for one political party don’t spread the virus, but crowds gathering for another political party, or crowds gathering to worship God do spread the virus.

Believing that the vaccine will be just like other vaccines, when it is an RNA vaccine and has not been used on humans before.

Believing the Covid vaccine will be safe and effective after rushed safety and efficacy tests, and when the flu vaccine is neither safe OR effective. 

Believing that BLM does anything for black people or that it’s anything more than a decomcratic campaign fund (look where the donations go). 

Believing that it is Christ-like to support BLM when they want to dismantle the nuclear family and they support Planned Parenthood.

Believing the politicians when they say “science is increasingly showing that masks work,” when no such science can be found.

Believing Snopes to be a reliable “fact checking” source. 

Believing that people who opposed lockdowns really just wanted haircuts and McDonalds, when, in fact, most of these people were losing their businesses and their families were suffering in ways that no stimulus check or unemployment money could make up for.

Believing the death counts for Covid without realizing that family members are complaining all over the world about their loved ones being marked as “Covid” deaths when they were never even tested.

Believing the case counts for Covid when test results for one person are counted up to four times.

Believing hospitals were over-run with Covid patients, when most, across the country, have been empty and have suffered financially.

Believing that we don’t have enough testing available, when test booths across the country have been empty.

Believing that our “Total Cases” of Coronavirus prove that Trump failed us without considering cases divided by population and noticing that we do not actually have more cases than every other country.

Believing that Trump was a racist for shutting down trade and travel with China at the beginning of the pandemic, but that he also didn’t shut things down soon enough.

Believing Bill Gates so loves the world that he spends his billions to save us all from a virus with a low death rate out of the goodness of his heart and that whosoever believes in him will be rescued from this virus

Believing that we really have a change shortage going on and it’s going to go back to normal soon.

Believing China wants 5G installed all over our country so that we can download movies faster. 

Believing HCQ is deadly because one study that used WAY too high of doses and on people too far into the disease, funded by Bill Gates, showed that it was, when it has been used safely and effectively for decades.

Believing HCQ does not help coronavirus patients, when Fauci said it did in 2005 and thousands (maybe millions) of patients have recovered from COVID-19 because of this drug worldwide.

Believing that everything is going to get back to normal after government lockdowns and overreach.

Why Are We Still Using Ventilators?

Our governor still referenced ventilators in his press conference. Many are. I don’t understand why, when multiple doctors have come out and said that the ventilators are not the answer? That this isn’t like a normal respiratory virus, this is more like elevation sickness or cyanide poisoning and they have hypoxic injury in their lungs. When you add high pressure through a ventilator to hypoxic injury, it is certain death with multi-organ failure. This is Dr. Sidell, straight out of New York, on the front lines, talking to Web MD. This was early April, over a month ago. How many lives could have been saved if this doctor (and so many others speaking out with the same information) were heard?

Also, 80% of patients in NY who were put on a ventilator died. Let’s remember that as we move forward…

COVID-19 Isn’t As Deadly As the Mainstream News Wants You to Believe

The virus deaths are nowhere near what the media wants us to believe. I ask, out loud, WHY DO THEY WANT US AFRAID?
When others have brought this up on social media, I have seen people argue that the CDC numbers aren’t accurate. Really? Now we aren’t trusting the Centers for Disease Control in our own country, but CNN instead? Wow.
The TRUTH, according to the CDC, is that this virus has caused 39,910 deaths, which is a lot, and those lives matter. The question, though, is whether we should all have to stay home because of it? Or, whether this disease warrants a nation wide or even mandatory vaccine program?
Remember that the flu kills 30,000 to 60,000 people per year, with a vaccine.

When Will Virginia Reopen? Breaking Down Northam’s Plan

I watched the press briefing again with my husband and noticed that Northam kept slipping up on his dates. Perhaps because he really doesn’t know when the state is opening up. Maybe he was making it up on the fly. Or, possibly, he has no plan to open up anytime soon and the dates he was sharing were arbitrary, just to give us “hope.”

Northam explained that the commonwealth of Virginia would be entering into three phases.

Phase I

Governor Northam’s website says:

Phase I of easing restrictions would continue social distancing, teleworking, recommendations that people wear face coverings in public, and the ban on social gatherings of more than 10 people.

Wow, that sounds a lot like the state shut down. The only differences Northam mentioned for Phase I are:

It would ease some limits on business and faith communities, and would transition the stay at home directive to a “safer at home” guideline, especially for those in vulnerable populations.

This is the slide that describes Phase I:

Phase I Virginia Re-opening

He wasn’t clear about what limits on faith communities he would be lifting. He did say:

We will accommodate the needs of churches and houses of worship to gather in person but social distancing still matters even at church.

I am not sure if more than 10 people will be able to meet at church during Phase I. I hope he will address this in Wednesday’s press briefing, and I really do hope that churches can start gathering at full capacity, right away.

He shared more details about Phase I:

You’ll be able to get your hair cut, but you’ll need an appointment and you’ll see new safety measures in the salon. It means you can go out to eat again, but restaurants will use less of their seating so to spread people out more. Employees will wear face coverings and they’ll do more cleaning. Phase I means more retail establishments can be open, but they’ll have to operate at lower capacity. You can go to the gym, but with fewer people and more requirements for cleaning. Farmer’s markets, will have more flexibility with foot traffic and prepared foods.

I’m glad we will be able to go to restaurants, retail shops and Farmer’s markets, but I worry that most businesses cannot function at partial capacity. They have already taken a big hit because of the shut down. Now they are expected to do more work (clean more) while serving less customers (making less money)? I am concerned that some, or many, won’t make it. I am worried that Governor Northam is tanking Virginia’s economy.

How do we enter Phase I?

Before we can enter Phase I, Northam said:

This slide also shows you the percent of those tests that come back positive. We want to see a downward trend in that percentage over 14 days.

This is the slide he was referring to:

Looking at the yellow line, it seems to me that we have been in a downward trend for about EIGHT days. So, in six days, or MAY 10, according to the guidelines, we should be able to move into Phase I. Unless he is looking at the total number of positive cases, which he pointed out:

As you can see, our cases continue to rise. This number will continue to go up in part because we are doing more testing

BINGO! If he is looking at the total number of positive cases to determine whether or not to start Phase I, those numbers will keep increasing as testing ramps up.

Why he didn’t test earlier like other states is still in question. He blames Trump on a lack of swabs, but Trump says he didn’t ask for any. We have the same president over all 50 states–how did this one state miss out on essential test supplies when all others got them?

He has more requirements for us:

Also, we are planning to deploy 1,000 people to work as contact tracers. As you can see from this slide, we are increasing our testing capacity.

He said:

We want to see a downward trend in the percent of cases that are hospitalized over 14 days and we are monitoring that we continue to have enough hospital beds and ICU capacity.

Is it the number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 that matters most, or the percentage of cases decreasing?

And notice this next sentence:

We’ll watch this especially closely over the next couple of weeks as hospitals have resumed elective surgeries.

He also said:

All of this depends on us having a good supply of PPE, which we now feel that we have.

Later, in the questions and answers, he said:

I think as we look at the trends, especially with our number of cases and our percent positives as we look at our hospital capacity, as we look at our supply PPE, our ability to test, continue to monitor this as we move forward.

Dr. Norm Oliver said:

…reopening means that we have to take a very serious approach towards identifying new cases.

And he mentioned hiring 1,000 Contact Tracers.

Let’s Break Down What It’s Going to Take to Start Phase I

(Which is not yet “Reopening Virginia” as Northam would have us believe)

  1. See a downward trend in the percentage of positive tests, over 14 days. That hasn’t started yet as of May 4, so the start date of Phase 1 is at minimum 14 days after May 4, which would be May 18.
  2. See a downward trend in the percent of cases that are hospitalized over 14 days. He just re-opened elective surgeries, so naturally, more hospital beds WILL be in use.
  3. We need to maintain a good supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment. IE: Masks).
  4. We need to be able to maintain what he called a “robust testing” system, with a goal of running 10,000 tests per day. Do we have that many sick people?

Quite possibly, we won’t start Phase I until the 1,000 Contact Tracers are hired, so that they have an increased workforce to make sure they are, as Dr. Norm Oliver said:

Identifying anyone who’s been exposed to that new case and then isolating those folks, putting them in quarantine if necessary. To do that will require a new workforce.


We’re in the process of also beginning the setting up to hire some 1,000 contact traces that we believe will be necessary to effectively do that kind of containment strategy. We’re quite confident that we’ll be able to ramp this up quickly over the next week or two and be ready for doing serious, serious increase in the amount of contact tracing that we do.

Why do they need a workforce to “put people in quarantine,” “isolate them,” and is he referring to people when he says “containment strategy”? I wonder if the Contact Tracers as well as isolation and quarantine facilities will need to be set up before Phase I begins.

When Do We Start Phase I?

When we start “reopening,” as limited as it is, is unclear. The governor really doesn’t seem to understand the timeline himself, either.

Early in the press briefing, Northam said:

To be clear, we are not entering phase I today nor this week. Based on the data, I expect that we may be able to enter it as soon as next week.

Later, he said:

I will extend Executive Order 53 which is the order that restricted certain businesses and band gatherings of more than 10 people through next Thursday night, May the 14th.

During the question and answer time, he said:

as we anticipate moving into phase one on May the 15th


I anticipate moving into phase one on the 15th which would be Friday, a week from this Friday.

Earlier in the briefing, he said this, referring to the May 14th date:

That gives us an additional two weeks to watch the data and determine if we are meeting the metrics we need to see to enter phase I.

Two weeks? He said it would be in one week. Then mentioned a date, 10 days out, then another date, 11 days out. Then two weeks. Which is it?

And then he said this:

But the message today is that we will reopen Virginia next Friday.

This statement could be debated. We aren’t “reopening Virginia” like other states have reopened. Phase I is a little less restrictive, but let’s face it, it is still difficult on the economy and ultimately on the people.

And then, he said one week again:

Another reason, another purpose for the week extension. We really want the businesses to be able to do everything they can to make sure consumers feel safe, that they feel comfortable coming back into these places of business.

This is a lame excuse, as if local businesses haven’t had plenty of time since March 30? He said “week” again:

So again, I realized that it’s a week of extension, but I think it will really give us all time.

And even though he spoke so confidently saying we would be reopening Virginia, next Friday, he reeled back and said:

…when we do open, which again hopefully will be next Friday

Note that in other parts of the speech, which I shared under the heading “When Do We Start Phase I?” he said “14 days” and “couple of weeks.”

If we’re leaning on the metrics improving and won’t start Phase I until that happens, the earliest possible date is May 18.

Phase I Start Date, Hopeful Scenario: May 14 or 15

Phase I Start Date, Likely Scenario: At Least Two Weeks Out, or, May 18 or later

Phase I Start Date, Worst Case Scenario: Whenever Northam Feels Like It

When Does Phase I End?

Governor Northam’s website says:

It is expected that Phase I would last two to four weeks, as would the two subsequent phases, depending on health metrics.

This slide also says two to four weeks, or longer:

Phase I for Reopening Virginia Business Guidelines Ralph Northam One Lovely Mess

Or maybe, let’s pick a middle number–three weeks? Northam said:

We anticipate phase I could last about three weeks, consistent with CDC guidelines.

  • Two weeks out from May 15 is May 29. Three weeks out from May 15 is June 5. Maybe, we can hope, this is the date that Phase II begins?
  • Since May 18 is more likely the start date of Phase I and the slide says Phase I could take up to 4 weeks, that puts the end date at  June 15.

It depends entirely on the health metrics, which leaves it completely open for interpretation by Northam himself.

Phase I End Date/Phase II Start Date, Hopeful Scenario: May 29 or June 5

Phase I End Date/Phase II Start Date, Likely Scenario: June 15

Phase I End Date/Phase II Start Date, Worst Case Scenario: Whenever Northam Feels Like It

Phase II

He explained Phase II like this:

In phase II, we’ll continue to ease restrictions if we see our numbers trend downward. Continued downward trend of our positive test, continued downward trend of our hospitalizations, stable capacity of hospital bed and intensive care, stable supply of PPE and continued robust testing and contact tracing.

Ok, he cleared it up. Yes, entering these phases does require contact tracing.

Phase II for reopening Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam, One Lovely Mess

Continued social distancing and continued teleworking and face coverings looks a lot like Phase I. And lockdown.

When Does Phase II End?

Northam said:

Phase II and III would also last about three weeks each as long as our health data continues to support it.

His slide says Phase II would last 2 to 4 weeks or longer.

  • A super hopeful May 29 Phase II start date plus two weeks in Phase II would put us at June 12.
  • A pretty hopeful June 5 start date plus three weeks in Phase II would put us at June 26.
  • A realistic start date of June 15 plus four weeks in Phase II would put us at July 13.

Let’s look at another slide, which mentions when Phase III can start:

Phase III for Reopening Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam, One Lovely Mess

Notice the “10-12 weeks away, or more” at the bottom? Let’s calculate this. 10 to 12 weeks from the press briefing date of May 4 would be July 13 to July 27.

Phase II End Date/Phase III Start Date, Hopeful Scenario: June 12 or June 26

Phase II End Date/Phase III Start Date, Likely Scenario: July 13 or July 27

Phase II End Date/Phase III Start Date, Worst Case Scenario: Whenever Northam Feels Like It

Phase III

Northam didn’t explain much of Phase II, except:

To move to phase III, we’re looking for no evidence of rebound for a sustained period of time.

And yet, we know, it has been predicted, there will be rebound. And what is a sustained period of time? I’m not even sure what he means by that, other than it is open ended and free for his own interpretation.

We can look at the slide of what Phase III will entail:

Phase III for Reopening Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam, One Lovely Mess

When Does Phase III End?

Again, Northam said:

Phase II and III would also last about three weeks each as long as our health data continues to support it.

His website says:

It is expected that Phase I would last two to four weeks, as would the two subsequent phases, depending on health metrics.

The slide doesn’t say anything about when Phase III will end. We could be in it indefinitely.

  • A super hopeful June 12 Phase III start date plus two weeks in Phase III would put us at June 26.
  • A pretty hopeful June 26 start date plus three weeks in Phase III would put us at July 27.
  • A somewhat realistic start date of July 13 plus four weeks in Phase III would put us at August 10.
  • A realistic start date of July 27 plus four weeks in Phase III would put us at August 24.

He May Keep Us in Phase III Until a Vaccine Comes Out

Northam mentions often that the vaccine will be the silver bullet, and what will put this virus behind us.

In the beginning of the press conference, he said:

It has not gone away and it will not go away until we have a vaccination…

In closing, he said:

…companies, researchers are working literally around the clock to find a vaccination for this and that’s really the silver bullet that will put this pandemic, that will put this health crisis behind us.

I think he’s forgetting that influenza has a vaccine and still kills 30,000 to 60,000 people in America each year, according to the CDC. The vaccine for COVID-19 will not “put this health crisis behind us.” In his words, though, we won’t be out of this “health crisis” until a vaccine comes out.

When will this vaccine, the “silver bullet” that is going to make everything better, come out? He said:

…that may be hopefully at the end of this year or another year or two.


And so whether that’s going to happen at the end of this year or it’s going to take another year and a half or whatever, we’re not sure about that.

In his closing statements, he said:

And as I have said so often, we came in as Virginians strong to COVID-19, and we will put this in our rear view mirror.

but he forgot to end the sentence with “when the vaccine comes out and is administered to all Virginia residents,” because I am pretty sure that’s what he meant.

Phase III End Date, Hopeful Scenario: June 26 or July 27

Phase III End Date, Likely Scenario: August 10 or August 24

Phase III End Date: MOST Likely Scenario: When a Vaccine is developed and administered to all Virginia residents

Phase III End Date, Worst Case Scenario: Whenever Northam Feels Like It

Is Northam’s Plan Constitutional?

During the question and answer time, one Virginia resident asked:

Governor, when it comes to those who see you make these orders if you will, and they are frustrated, how would you respond to those who don’t understand that they think that you are, as your counsel mentioned, not following the constitution?

Northam’s answer to this question:

…everything that we do is based on our constitution. As you know, some of it has been questioned. We have prevailed in most cases. So we try to abide, do everything that we can to abide by our constitution. Also, my decisions are made to protect Virginians, to keep Virginians healthy and safe and to prevent deaths. I understand people have made sacrifices. I understand people are upset by our decisions, but I’m not standing up here to punish people.

I think MANY could argue that “everything” Northam does is not based on the constitution. I could write another post, outlining Northam’s UNConstitutional actions!

When Will Virginia Be Up and Running Again?

I believe, based on Northam’s words, Virginia will not be up and running again at full capacity until a vaccine is developed. He said that could be the end of this year, or another year or two. Northam is in office for another year and a half. He may either:

  • Keep us in crisis mode until we are close to the end of his term, and then he will “save us.”
  • Or, keep us in crisis mode the entire time he is in office in order to maintain control and blame it on Trump, attempting to rig the election.

Or, perhaps it will be a hybrid of both scenarios. Either way, I don’t think Virginia’s lockdown is ending anytime soon…

A Civil War is Brewing

A civil war is brewing in our country. I see it on Twitter and Facebook and in the news. People who question vaccines, question the media and who (gasp!) support Trump are called horrible things. They are dehumanized. They are blamed for a virus spreading, the economic problems, and society’s problems as a whole.

People are saying that these humans ought to “Drink Bleach” and “Get Coronavirus and Die.”

I AM APPALLED TO SEE CHRISTIANS SPEAKING LIKE THIS! Dear Christians, please read Matthew 5:22!

Please remember, these people who have different beliefs than you ARE HUMAN.

This propaganda that was spread around during WWII is no different from what is in the news headlines and all over social media today. It is dehumanizing humans. It’s making you hate them. It’s making you want to stay away from them and blame everything wrong with your country on PEOPLE.

I just read “World War II” by Richard J. Maybury with my kids yesterday:
“A soldier usually cannot kill someone if he is conscious that the person is just like him–that the person has the same feelings, the same importance to his wife and children, mother and father. The enemy must be dehumanized, seen as a vicious beast deserving death, so the enemy is tagged with insulting names, such as”

Do you hate these people like the Germans hated the Jews? PLEASE think about what the media has TAUGHT you about these people vs. what you really know from conversations and close relationships.

I pray that you see the labeling of these people for what it is:

Call it out with me!!! This PROPAGANDA, like Hitlers, is dividing families, friendships, neighborhoods, cities and, in fact, a WHOLE COUNTRY.

The news in the US is owned by very few people. Please look it up. They have a message they want you to hear and believe as truth. Has it worked? Are you so angry you really do wish people would die?

I am praying for our country. Please, please, please pray with me.

When Did Asking Questions Become Unscientific?

For the last few days, I have been working on a post about 5G and COVID-19. I stayed up late nights researching and gathered and analyzing a ton of readily available data. It started with a question. I didn’t have any theories that 5G caused or even added to COVID-19 cases or deaths. I read that other people believed in such theories, and I was simply curious to learn more. I’ve only scratched the surface with that first post–there is so much more to share. My post wasn’t an attempt to convince people one way or another–I don’t even know for certain what I believe about all of it. All I wanted to do was share the data. After posting, I faced quite a bit of backlash on social media, both on my Well Fed Homestead page and my own personal page. People posted memes, one after the other, claiming that I was stupid, or lacking a brain, or dense, or just plain crazy. Wow. I wasn’t prepared for that.

Asking Questions is the First Step in Science

Every scientific theory first begins with a question. “What if?” or “Could it be?” or “Why does ___?” If we don’t ask questions first, we will make zero progress in science. Think of the major scientific advances that you make use of in your life today: your computer, phone, light bulbs, electricity, etc. At some point, somebody had to ask a question, in order to end up with that technology. They probably looked crazy at first. Because, before electricity, who would believe it? And if someone told you about the iPhone back in 1995, wouldn’t you think they were a little crazy? The people who ask the questions and dare to wonder are actually the smart ones, guys.

Headline: You Don’t Appear More Scientific By Going Along with “Expert” Scientist Beliefs and Failing to Ask Your Own Questions

If Dr. Fauci said it, it must be true. If Bill Gates (guys, he’s NOT a scientist!) said it, we’ve got to believe it (because he’s rich?!). Heck, if an expert on CNN said it, it’s truth. Guys, this is what sheep do. They follow, don’t ask questions, and while they don’t look smart, at least they fit in. I have never been okay with following the crowd just because an “authority” says to do so. There are people who have the ability to simply trust. AT&T says that 5G is safe–then it must be. The county says our water is safe with chemically created fluoride added–it must be. These people live such simple lives. They don’t spend hours researching like me. They just trust. Sometimes I want to be like them, I really do! I try. I do. But something in me has to know. I have to dig and make sure. I can’t just trust. I don’t tend to trust authority or what the crowd believes without doing my own research

Asking Questions That Go Against the “Norm” Do Not Make Me a Conspiracy Theorist

I can’t even count how many different opinions have come from doctors, scientists, politicians and news anchors regarding COVID-19. They’re all saying something different. Just because someone on CNN, or Fox News or the White House Briefing or a PhD holder says something is fact, it doesn’t mean I have to swallow it. No–I chew–I discern what is true and false and I do my own research. I find it super fascinating that the natural news writers I follow were writing this kind of headline several weeks ago:

What if Coronavirus is man-made and biological warfare?

They got their posts taken down from social media because they were asking such a question. It was just “accepted science” that COVID-19 was a natural pandemic. It was SO widely accepted, that even Facebook was regulating whether or not people could say otherwise, publicly. Did you guys see yesterday’s CNN headline?
Of course, they’re BEHIND, but now that CNN said it, it will be widely accepted. What was called Conspiracy Theory just two weeks ago is now accepted as truth, because CNN said it. Do you guys see the problem with this? We are not invited to become free thinkers! In fact, we’re shamed if we ask any questions.

I Don’t Want to Be a Sheep

Do we really all have to follow, like sheep, what the crowd believes, in order to avoid the name calling? I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Let’s be clear, as I said in my last post: I don’t believe that 5G technology has caused the Coronavirus. If I ask questions about whether 5G is healthy or if it happens to look like the majority of the death projections (in data used by the white house coronavirus task force) occur in 5G-laden areas, am I suddenly a conspiracy theorist? I’m not saying “I believe ___” or “You should all believe ___.” I’m saying, “Wow, guys, this is weird. Look at this data with me!” If we’re told 5G is perfectly safe, those who consider themselves to be more science-minded will agree–because that’s the norm. There is nothing scientific about following the herd to the slaughter. Not one bit!! I would argue (in writing), the thinker, the scientist, would stop and ask questions.

Conventional Wisdom is Not Scientific

Do you guys see that conventional wisdom is driven by capitalism? I’m not against capitalism, but we have to see the truth behind our “science.” Big pharma, the wealthiest industry in America, pays for so many of the medical studies we accept as truth. Kellog’s Cereal founders created the food pyramid that Americans still buy into. It’s just widely accepted as if it were fact. The people who question these norms are called conspiracy theorists. Or worse, the doctors who question this wisdom are called “quacks.”

We’re Being Lead Somewhere, Right Now…Are You Going to Follow?

Guys, something is going on. Please wake up! I’m begging all of you to see it. There has always been propaganda, and sadly, propaganda leads people (who have intelligent minds, endowed by their creator!) to do stupid things. There is propaganda today. There is capitalism driving what we are being told and what we all believe as truth. Are you willing to ask questions, or will you be following, because it makes you appear smarter to go with the crowd?

I Will Not Stop Asking Questions

Fundamentally, I believe that asking questions makes me SMARTER. It may not make me more popular, but being SMART is more important to me than fitting in. I hope you will join me. Are you willing to ask questions, even though it makes you stand out?