Hi, my name is Brenda. I am a child of God, a wife, and a mama to my five biological and adopted kids. In January, 2020, I published a book about adoption because I am passionate about seeing vulnerable children get into loving homes.

My husband and I used to be farmers, and we know quite well the issues that small farmers face. We are keenly aware of how the people who grow the food that sustains us are not honored enough in our society. I have had a blog about agriculture and our farming experiences for ten years.

Besides that, I am a researcher, particularly about nutrition, medical studies, the environment. My goal is to dig until I find truth.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Culture, Literature and the Arts from the University of Washington and a certificate in Nutritional Therapy from the Nutritional Therapy Association.

If there is a club for people who are obsessed with spreadsheets and analyzing data, I should probably join it! Also, I have spent many hours of the last decade of my life reading medical studies in my spare time.

Current news is worrisome. I am saddened to see people forsake truth for lies, to condone violence and even murder. I am thankful for a GOOD GOD who knows all of this and who sees His people and loves us and will protect us. We may or may not be approaching end times (well–we are, it’s just a matter of how soon), and I want to be ready. I hope you do, too.

I learned how to publish my book through Self-Publishing School, which I highly recommend!

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