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Brenda scott:

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    Where I come from, politically:

    1. I am a Christian, and I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins and that He is coming back again, possibly very soon. THIS shapes my reporting above all else.
    2. I am a conservative and have voted Republican in every election this far.
    3. As such, I voted for Trump, and likely will again in November 2020.
    4. That said, I find some of the things Trump says and tweets to be embarrassing.
    5. While I am familiar with the Q-Anon movement and find it fascinating, I do not consider myself to be an Anon and do not believe Trump will be the savior of the world. I believe Jesus is the Savior.
    6. I believe that many (but not all) of what the media calls "Conspiracy Theories" are rooted in some degree of truth, and that truth needs to be flushed out.
    7. I don't find Snopes or Wikipedia to be the most reliable places to get information. I do use them as "jumping boards," though, because often times, when Snopes says a "Conspiracy Theory" isn't true, they will provide a link to the reason people believe the "Theory" IS true. When I click on that link and read further, I often find that the "Theory" has some merit.
    8. I am pro-life and a big supporter of adoption. There are over 100,000 kids who are legally free to be adopted in the United States at this time, I pray that many of my pro-life friends and readers will take action to change this with me.