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Hi Everyone. It’s really weird to get back into blogging again when I haven’t done it for years. I keep asking myself; “Where do I start?” And, “What do I have to say that matters, anyways?”

The truth is, deep inside me is a longing to put my thoughts down to share. It feels scary, vulnerable, and possibly downright stupid (this is the World Wide Web, after all. And, there are crazies out there.). Oh well. See, the thing is, when God stirs something in me, I’ve gotta do it, crazies and all.

What am I going to write about? Anything.

I wrote about Food, and Farming, and The GAPS Diet on my other blog, The Well Fed Homestead, for several years. It did well. It’s still doing well, even though I’m not writing there any more. I’m not writing there because; well, first, we don’t live on a farm anymore. I tried researching cows and pig feed and large garden solutions after we moved off of the farm, just to keep articles fresh–but it wasn’t in me. I couldn’t write about something I wasn’t living out.

That’s what inspires my writing–what I’m living. So here’s a snapshot of what I’m living right here, right now, and a glimpse of what you might find here in the days to come:

I’m a wife and a mom.
I’ve been married to my husband, my love, for almost 17 years. We have 5 beautiful children from ages 14 down to 6. I think deeply about parenting. I don’t want to take this job lightly.

We’ve adopted.
Adoption is a beautiful and messy thing. We have 2 bio sons, and 1 son and 2 daughters through adoption. We’ve been through our share of ups and downs, with adoption, and foster care at one point. Our hearts have been ripped out as we watched beautiful foster kids we hoped to adopt leave our home forever, 4 years ago. My eyes still well up when I think about them. And, we’ve been blessed by adopting a 1 year old boy, a tiny baby girl, and a 5 year old girl (they are now 12, 8 and 6). God is good all the time, even in the midst of the hard stuff.

Our Family is involved in drama.
In fact, we’re pretty immersed in drama. I’m a Class Coordinator for a youth theater organization, all of our kids take classes, and 4 of them are in the current production, The Little Mermaid Junior. I’m a “Props Mom” and get to be crafty and thrifty in that role, and I love it. I knew that someday I’d need Modge Podge, fake flowers, and all of those random ribbons in my craft drawer. ;) ;) I think secretly, I wish I could turn back time and be an Improv student myself. It’s pretty darn fun.

I homeschool.
This year I’m homeschooling 3 out of 5 of our kids full-time.It’s been an adventure. I spend way too many hours planning what next year could look like. I’ve been researching at Ambleside Online and Simply Charlotte Mason these days. I have charts, and lists, and spreadsheets. Yes, I’m that kind of gal.

I like to decorate.
I think I settled on my style, finally. It took me a while (oh, just 17 years!). I like French Country decor, Shabby Chic, Farmhouse, and many things vintage but not cluttered. Time and budget limit my decorating, so this won’t be a decorating blog (how do the decorating bloggers do it?! It must cost a fortune. And take up their weekends?!). Speaking of decorating bloggers, my current favorite is Dear Lillie. I copied her paint colors. Now to do something about that beige carpet and the cherry cabinets. Grrr. Loving to decorate means things are never quite “right.” I struggle with knowing if this is discontentment or just my creative eye?. I’ve pinned a ton of decorating ideas. You can follow me on Pinterest if you like decorating, too!

We travel some.
We bought a class c bunkhouse motorhome this year, and we’re enjoying trips to various campgrounds near us. This summer, we’re planning a small road trip. (Small meaning 3-4 states, 2 weeks max…We’ve done a cross country trip before, and a month in California once). The motorhome was a step up for us. We went from a tent trailer (when the boys were 3, 2 and 1–11 years ago) to a 29′ trailer (when Ruby was a baby-7 years ago), and now to a motorhome. It’s fun. I might write about our adventures.

I like good food. And I have allergies.
I haven’t been in for allergy testing because our healthcare system is hard to work with, and well, I just haven’t spent enough time or energy fighting to get tested. I know I’ve had reactions to: peanuts, almonds (I avoid all nuts now), shellfish, cinnamon, fennel, gluten, garbanzo beans, and I’m realizing that milk is not my friend, either. This means I drink coconut milk in my coffee, cook for myself or go to pretty decent restaurants that know how to prepare safe foods. I love checking out gluten free restaurants in Portland. Portland IS weird–and delicious.

I Read. I think.
This is really why I write. I hope the things I write about will bless you, sometimes make you laugh, and make you think, too.

So, how’s that for a start? I’ll write more soon, I promise. There’s a lot on my mind to share.



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