ourfamily2017Hi, my name is Brenda, and I’ve been married for 18 years to a pretty awesome dude. I’m a bio mom and an adoptive mom. God put it on my heart to write about how I cope with this crazy life.

I homeschool my kiddos. I wish I majored in history in college (I have a bachelor’s in English from the University of Washington). My favorite part of the day is reading history to my kids!

Spreadsheets are my friends. They get me through many of life’s challenges, and I love to share how. I sometimes wake up, super excited to work on a spreadsheet. Yes. I’m a nerd.

It feels like I live in the kitchen, on the couch reading history books out loud, or on my laptop (making another spreadsheet ;)). I love cooking and inventing recipes and sharing my recipes with the world. We have food allergies, and that makes our meals complex! (I have Celiac and have other sensitivities. And, we have 2 daughters who cannot have dairy, and one who has a life threatening peanut allergy). I care about nutrition and allergy friendly meals.

Raising kids who lived through trauma has been one of the most refining experiences of my life. God has used it to change me and grow me, to show me the worst in me, and it has been a painful and beautiful experience. I love to share what He has taught me through this journey, here.

I hope you enjoy my blog! If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

About Comments:

If you have not adopted, please refrain from leaving negative comments on my posts about raising kids with challenging behaviors. We adore our children, and sometimes their behaviors make life really difficult. Adoptive moms need love. And chocolate. And breaks. And white mochas. And hugs. Be kind, please.

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