Ok, let’s go back to this list, I need to think about this out loud (on the web)….My career quiz said:   Political Scientist: No. I thought about this once. I took 1 political science class in college. I don’t think this fits me. I am not THAT into politics. I could maybe get there, […]


things I love…

by Brenda on

I just found this document on my computer, from 4/29/2009, oh so long ago! I love it!!!! I’m so thankful I documented these things!!! karry~ he loves Jesus, he is handsome, he is sweet, he is a good friend, he is easy to talk to, he is logical, he is thoughtful, he is not selfish, […]


if I had a career, part 2

I took a little career test. Super interesting. I don’t know if I agree with all of it, but this is what it said:I need to think about this…Pray about this. The reason I’m even analyzing all of this is 1. because I’m just an analyzing type of gal and 2. because I want a […]

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if I had a career…

I am a homeschool mom, and a part-time class coordinator for a drama program. I sometimes wish I had a job that required more hours of my day–full time, maybe. I know I’m taking for granted my time with my kids. I know I’ll regret it if I step away from this oh-so-important job. Still, […]

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Hello World.

Hi Everyone. It’s really weird to get back into blogging again when I haven’t done it for years. I keep asking myself; “Where do I start?” And, “What do I have to say that matters, anyways?” The truth is, deep inside me is a longing to put my thoughts down to share. It feels scary, […]

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My Holiday Calendar

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Don’t you hate the stressed out, crazy feeling during the whole month of December? Me too. A couple of years ago, I started thinking, there must be a way to spread out the Christmas tasks so that I’m working on them, bit-by-bit, throughout the year. But then there are other holidays and birthdays and vacations […]

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Maple Syrup Coconut Milk Mocha Recipe (Paleo)

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I haven’t always been a coffee drinker. You can blame my husband. Yup, it’s all his fault. I was the tea drinker, and he was the coffee drinker, and he kept begging me to come to the dark side and join him. Anyone else have the same kind of situation going on? And once you’re […]

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Getting Ready for Canning and Preserving

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I recently shared the Tools You Need for Canning & Preserving. Now I’m going to share with you how you should get ready for the job! Purchase Your Tools There are some basic tools that you will need for canning and preserving, and you don’t want to hold off on purchasing them. Get them ahead of […]

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Organizing Your Gardening Supplies

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I know that there are lots of different methods for organizing gardening supplies. I thought I’d share mine today! In the photo above, you can see lots of garden goodies! On the left is the basket I carry with me every time I go out. In it, I keep plant labels, gloves, big packets of […]

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Kids have allergies? I blame Wonder Bread. And Twinkies. And Fruit Snacks.

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If you’re a parent of 2 or more children, I am guessing that at least one of your children has allergies. Or asthma? Your kids have asthma, don’t they? Or at least, you know someone (or a lot of people) whose kids have allergies. I’m right, right? I was dining out with 2 of my […]

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