Do you honk?

by Brenda on

I saw an almost-accident today, as a driver pulled in front of another vehicle without any room to spare. It appeared as though they didn’t even notice the other car they were pulling in front of. What would you do? Hit your brakes and graciously let the other driver in? Honk your horn LOUD so that […]


We went to an event tonight, with a bunch of families we do another activity with (is that vague enough?). Everyone bought tickets to this event, and we were mostly all near each other. Well, not everyone. I’m pretty sensitive to thinking about who wasn’t there. I’m used to it being us. Honestly, this time, I […]

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God Can Use the People in the Margins…

Start in Genesis 37, and go read the story of Joseph (if you haven’t done your daily Bible reading already). Man, this guy was IN THE MARGINS! Joseph was loved more by his father, but his brothers? They hated him. See, he was one of 2 sons born to their father’s favorite wife (yes, his dad had […]

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#1 Way I’m Changing Things

I wrote about feeling like I’m in the margins, even in the church. That’s a pretty vulnerable thing to write on the internet. But I write to help others, and I’m pretty positive there are lots of others feeling the same way. LOTS of others. It is a sad epidemic going on. Church is where […]

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And then it was awkward…

I wrote earlier this morning and was vulnerable about being in the margins, even within the church, and then the doubt flooded my brain. What if the words I write cause me to be more separated from the very people I want to connect with? Ugh. I’m not deleting my post though, as vulnerable and […]

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In the Margins, in the Church…

I read a book by a pastor, years ago, about loving people who “live in the margins.” He was talking about the people who don’t really fit in with the usual churchy people–ex-prostitutes, people who used to be drug addicted, etc. What he didn’t address, and what I want to address is this: There are […]

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Jesus and the Clique?

I brought my 2 oldest boys to a coffee shop with Bibles today. We sat with our drinks and quietly sifted through Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and other New Testament books. Our mission? We were trying to figure out: was Jesus + His 12 Disciples a clique? I didn’t think so, of course, but I […]

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if I had a career, part 2

I took a little career test. Super interesting. I don’t know if I agree with all of it, but this is what it said:I need to think about this…Pray about this. The reason I’m even analyzing all of this is 1. because I’m just an analyzing type of gal and 2. because I want a […]

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if I had a career…

I am a homeschool mom, and a part-time class coordinator for a drama program. I sometimes wish I had a job that required more hours of my day–full time, maybe. I know I’m taking for granted my time with my kids. I know I’ll regret it if I step away from this oh-so-important job. Still, […]

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Hello World.

Hi Everyone. It’s really weird to get back into blogging again when I haven’t done it for years. I keep asking myself; “Where do I start?” And, “What do I have to say that matters, anyways?” The truth is, deep inside me is a longing to put my thoughts down to share. It feels scary, […]

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